2020 - The Year of Hindsight

2020 started off with a promising flourish - New Year's Eve celebrated in Vienna, New Year's Day exploring Amsterdam, then home to get settled into the routines of back to work. Michal and I had several more travels planned, including travel to see my family and his, travel to explore new cities, and small local getaways. We had reached out to local photographers in several of our intended destinations to see if they would be willing to show us their cities through their eyes, and they were very welcoming. It was going to be an exciting year!

Then there was March. Our trip to Cuba was cancelled, then work shifted from the office to home, and the streets became deserted. It slowly sank in that this wasn't going to be over quickly. Our plans slowly slid away and we had to readjust.

We decided to become more intentional about exploring our own city, since this was where we were going to be spending ALL our time. We went on almost-daily photowalks, and came up with new ways of photographing familiar sights. We went out at dawn, during the day, after dark, and in rain, fog, sunshine, and everything in between. It was rare that we came home without at least one image that we were pleased with. 

We also spent more time finding our way around our editing tools, watching tutorials, and taking online workshops. 

As spring gave way to summer, and summer gave way to fall, we got more involved in our local photography club, and started participating in all the online sessions and presentations that opened up through that forum. 

In hindsight, although this has been a difficult year, and once we are able we will be making up for lost time with family and friends, and will be keen to get back to our travelling ways, the pause this year has allowed us to spend time in a different way on our photography, and that has been a good thing. 

I referred to "hindsight" in the title, largely because I couldn't resist, you know 2020 and all! I guess the hindsight reflection for me is that I often live my life anticipating the next big adventure, and maybe I'm missing the experiences that are around me everyday. There is  something valuable and peaceful about slowing everything down, appreciating our local community a little bit more, and realizing staying home doesn't hamper creativity, it can give it even more room to grow. 

Have there been any "silver lining" aspects for you in 2020? 

I'm so curious what 2021 will hold, and how it will unfold. In the meantime, we will just keep exploring, learning, and being ready for whatever opportunities come!