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A Bit About Kathy

Kathy Harms is a BC-based photographer who captures images of the world around her as a way to stop and pay attention to the small details. She describes it as “seeing the world more slowly” and suggests photography is a meditation and a way for her to calm the chaos of her everyday life. Photography has taught Kathy to stop and focus on her surroundings. She finds herself looking for light, lines and curves, as well as those tiny details, forcing her to slow down and take stock of the scene. It’s this calm and serenity she brings to her images, even in the busiest street scene, where she observes the ebb and flow of a city’s movements and tries to capture the patterns they create. Kathy enjoys working in black and white, as she feels it enhances the mood of a scene by removing distracting bright colours. She also likes to play with perspective or unusual techniques like double exposure, which draw the viewer in and allow them to pause as they explore the image. Her images typically have an overall sense of calm and peace about them which creates a space for the viewer to linger and explore them in their own time, with their own emotions and interpretations.